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Cairns, Queensland, Australia
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Cairns Botanic Garden, Australia
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What are the average monthly temperatures in Cairns?
Average temperatures for Cairns:
MonthMin TempMax Temp
January23.6°C (74.5°F)28.4°C (83.1°F)
February23.5°C (74.4°F)28.5°C (83.3°F)
March23.1°C (73.6°F)27.6°C (81.7°F)
April21.6°C (70.9°F)26.1°C (78.9°F)
May19.8°C (67.6°F)24.2°C (75.5°F)
June17.9°C (64.2°F)22.7°C (72.8°F)
July17.5°C (63.5°F)22.2°C (71.9°F)
August17.2°C (63.0°F)22.8°C (73.0°F)
September18.7°C (65.7°F)24.3°C (75.7°F)
October20.3°C (68.6°F)25.5°C (77.9°F)
November22.0°C (71.6°F)26.9°C (80.5°F)
December23.1°C (73.5°F)28.0°C (82.5°F)
How much rain does Cairns get?
The average annual rainfall for Cairns is 1395mm (55").
How much snow does Cairns get?
The average annual snowfall for Cairns is 0mm (0").